LETTERS – Stop taking clothes to container

Please would readers stop taking anything to the Salvation Army Clothes container near Monks House Lane Scout Headquarters at the moment.

The container is full and the Salvation Army are not able to empty this, nor other containers in the town during this time.

The Salvation Army website urges people to hold on to their donations for the time being because clothes left at these sites count as fly tipping and are costly to clean up.

Unfortunately, some people are taking clothes, and other items and, when finding the box full, they are leaving bags and boxes laying on the ground nearby.

This week, people have even started dumping garden rubbish.

This is the third week running this has happened despite the council erecting a sign requesting no fly tipping.

Please, please do not take anything else to these collection points until further notice.

Our council staff are busy helping other teams dealing with the coronavirus and should not need to be diverted to clean up these sites because, sadly, clothes then have to be dumped.

Thank you

Councillors Angela Newton and Anthony Cronin

Spalding Monks House Ward

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