LETTERS – Sir John is wonderful MP

There’s no doubt that MPs get a lot of stick these days, but I wanted to offer my two bob and give the wonderful local representative John Hayes some much deserved credit.

He votes more often, speaks in Parliament more often and asks more Parliamentary questions than most other MPs in any party.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues, I’ve seen Sir John speaking on a number of occasions in the House of Commons on the most varied array of issues imaginable.

Instead of staying away, as so many MPs have chosen to do, he heads down to central London every week to speak on his constituents’ behalf.

Even in challenging times, to have an MP so determined to do his best for his constituents deserves some recognition in my opinion! (And, I’m not even one of his voters by the way, so I have no vested interests in saying so).

Imogen Sinclair

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