LETTERS – Sir John has impeccable voting record

Of course, Mr Sloan is entitled to his political opinions (Voice letters, 23.07.20) – indeed, I entirely respect that he is a man with left wing convictions, and as such, is always likely to see the views of our Conservative MP through red tinted glasses.

John Hayes has an impeccable voting record, voting, speaking and campaigning in the House of Commons far more frequently than many other Conservative and Labour MPs.

Irrespective of our different views on policy, few could seriously doubt that John Hayes is amongst the most effective constituency MPs when it comes to fighting for South Holland and The Deepings.

Unlike a considerable number of his colleagues – interested only in “bear pit politics” – Sir John manages to combine the respect of his peers across the House of Commons, speaking on numerous issues of national concern (and recently appointed to the prestigious Intelligence and Security Committee) – whilst also taking a forensic interest in local goings on big and small.

Just look at the number of local surgeries he holds and the thousands of local people that he helps.

I can think of few clearer examples of this than his insistence on taking up local causes for local people.

Whilst many MPs would consider such things beneath them, John Hayes commits time and effort to work with local people to protect green spaces, promote the interests of independent high street businesses and fights to make sure new homes are as well designed as possible.

Keep it up, Sir J!

Matt Polesworth
via email

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