LETTERS – Shouldn’t have to tidy

I read the article in The Voice dated October 10 about the litter problem. We live in Hospital Drove, Little Sutton, and there is a well used lay-by opposite our house.

We often go over to the lay-by with a litter picker, gloves and a wheelbarrow and pick up the litter which is left there.

It usually consists of tins, wine or spirit bottles, Costa Coffee containers (not always empty), sandwich and other food wrappings.

We have also picked up glass and the occasional car battery. We have also seen some human waste. Recently there was a footstool there!

There is also a dyke running alongside the lay-by in which litter accumulates.

There is a large floor-standing bin which does get used, but all too often it seems people are too lazy to walk to it or can’t be bothered.

We don’t mind doing the occasional clear up, but we shouldn’t have to do it.

Mr and Mrs Cox
Little Sutton

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