LETTERS – Shop has no control over donations

Having read the letter regarding charity donations, I felt compelled to respond.

Visiting many towns in South Holland I feel a charity shop is far more preferable than an empty shop which are becoming far more prevalent in these times.

I have also seen many charity shop doorways with donations in them and every shop I have seen had a sign saying they were closed due to COVID and not to leave donations.

The letter names a charity shop in Spalding which would have no control over the donations being left.

Another point raised in the letter about being “furloughed at the taxpayers’ expense” which every non-essential shop was ordered to do so.

As far as I know the “dodgy looking characters” shelter in the doorway of an adjacent building which is empty. Perhaps a charity shop taking over the empty building may alleviate the issues he has with “dodgy looking characters”?

I would like to finish by saying to name one charity store is very unfair on the volunteers who give up their time free to raise money for good causes.

I will continue to buy in charity shops and support the valuable need we have of them in these times.

D Sandall

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