LETTERS – SHDC appointed contractors

Relationships can be difficult. Be it family, friends, relationships or business relations.

It is with some surprise that SHDC are going to issue a schedule of dilapidations to 1Life the former contract holder for the Castle pool and other leisure facilities. Surely this is shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted?

Let’s not forget SHDC appointed these contractors through a ‘process’ and it was their contract and their facility still albeit managed by someone else.

At any time with notice the contract would allow a visit for full inspection and a clause for a period of improvement normally 30 days before action is taken. Thus giving 1Life notice that they were not up to standard.

The whole thing smacks more of bad contract management. Perhaps those in charge should look at their failings first before trying to turn the blame on someone else. It was your contract to manage with your contractor effectively!

One would also ask how the portfolio holder for leisure can justify his salary when time after time complaints were made and nothing done, choosing to turn a blind eye to genuine issues? Perhaps they should get their own houses in order before trying to pass the buck.

Has anyone actually also considered the rise in numbers are only those coming back because when the facilities were so bad they left in droves?

If the recent closure and replacement of the sauna is anything to go by that took six months, on a square foot basis it will be about 60 years before the people of the area get a pool they can be proud of.

James Le Sage

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