LETTERS – Sensible decisions please

I am writing after reading last week’s article ‘Drivers warned over tip queues’.

If the booking scheme ends, we will without doubt return to the long queues waiting to use the tip, what is the response? Close the tip when it gets busy.

Have the people who make the decisions stopped and thought that this will indeed add to the already problem of fly tipping.

We hear what an expensive operation it is to clear the dumped rubbish – would it not make more sense to keep the booking system so that residents can drive straight in unload and drive straight out again with no blocked road?

Also what would happen to the traffic waiting to go in if the gates were suddenly closed? They would either go home, park up and block the roads or find the nearest quiet spot to flytip.

I would like a sensible response from the decision makers, but I’m not holding my breath.

Michael Saggs

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