LETTERS – Provide the PPE required

As we all support and applaud our NHS staff on our doorsteps on Thursdays at 8pm I would love to see the applause used as a lever to provide that vital PPE our doctors and nurses urgently require.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for all NHS frontline staff is still inadequate and inconsistent across the country.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) PPE guidelines for doctors and nurses caring for COVID-19 patients say all staff should be provided with

Medical mask



Eye protection (goggles or face shield)

NHS staff care for patients with respiratory symptoms who are awaiting COVID-19 test results.

These tests can take up to 72 hours and many patients are ill and have complex needs.

Many staff members come into contact with these patients awaiting their results.

That’s why it’s vital to supply PPE to all staff, not just the ones that are treating patients who have tested positive.

There are PPE shortages across the country and I understand some staff have even been forced to use DIY goggles and gowns etc.

Staff are inadequately protected and vulnerable in these conditions and the NHS have suffered their own tragic losses.

The NHS is still struggling with staff shortages and rely on both permanent and agency staff to do extra shifts on wards dealing with actual and potential COVID-19 patients without adequate PPE.

Despite the talk, the questions and answers, vital frontline NHS staff aren’t getting the protection they urgently need.

Is it better utilisation of logistics and supply that is required?

Or companies that have been furloughed could be used to support the extra requirement of PPE.

I call upon the government to guarantee that all frontline NHS staff can feel safe, confident and valued, by providing fit for purpose, gowns, masks, gloves and eye protection.

This to be available for all staff coming into contact with potential COVID-19 patients, including unconfirmed cases.

Please support our NHS – now.

Rodney Sadd
Carrington Road

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