LETTERS – Proud to support local causes

We are proud to confirm that we, at Spalding and District Round Table, have already been able to help in the COVID-19 pandemic by two donations to local good causes.

1) COVID Kindness have received a donation amounting to £1,000, specifically to help them purchase additional items that are not donated. We hope that toiletries and home items will benefit those in need, alongside the fruit, veg and general produce that the team have already been successful in having donated.

2) We have supported the production of scrubs through donation of fabric.
This will entirely fulfil the request from the local Johnson Hospital as well as Munro Medical Centre, and half of that requested by Pilgrim Hospital.

We are hopeful that these donations will provide help to the less fortunate in our local community and also support our hardworking NHS.

We are grateful for the support of the public in attending and sponsoring our two major fundraising events annually, the Premier Boxing event and the Spalding Festival.

Without the generous donations and sterling attendance at both we would not be able to donate so freely.

At present, the festival is postponed for this year and a decision will be taken at a future meeting whether it can be reconvened for a later date in the year, or skipped until 2021.

We do have further funds that we are considering giving to local causes, and would welcome any approach to goodcauses@spaldingroundtable.co.uk.

Matt Clark
Spalding Round Table

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