LETTERS – Practices what he preaches

I read the article by John Hayes in your recent edition with much gladness. I am grateful that even though our MP has strong convictions – backing Brexit from the outset – he recognises the need for our nation to unite and come together if we are to move forward as one.

He is also spot on to champion our inclusive, welcoming national identity. Patriotism is not something to be ashamed of, but rather the mechanism by which we foster the shared belonging which allows us to look out for one another.

Sir John practices what he preaches. In Parliament his work on All Party Groups is a model of cooperation and in the constituency, he has always worked across politics for local people, as he did recently in the case of the Western Relief Road.

I celebrated Brexit not just as a political victory, but, as Sir John powerfully articulates, an opportunity to ‘rise as one nation’.

Andrew Livsey
via email

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