LETTERS – Please write to the council

On August 29 I popped into the recycle centre on my way back from cutting the grass at my mum’s.

As I passed I could see it was empty, which I found extraordinary as I had tried in vain to book in for that day.

As I drove in cap in hand requesting: “Could I just offload the grass but I didn’t have an appointment?”

I was met by a sensible person with a lot of common sense and said ‘yes, go ahead’.

They told us that for the last two weeks numbers had got less and less and on that day, up to 3.30pm, they had only had 60 cars through.

This was Bank Holiday Monday after two days of the weekend, in theory this should have been extremely busy. There was not another car in sight as I dumped the grass. One can only deduce that Lincolnshire County Council had deliberately scaled down operations over the last two weeks to create havoc from September 1.

So if you are reading this LCC please make public the appointments made for this period (16-31) with a comparison to the last two weeks in June 2021.

If you tried to make an appointment in those two weeks and were unable, it maybe useful for you to write in also.

Name and address supplied

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