LETTERS – On Time – Every Time

Parkinson’s UK Spalding and District Branch launched the local appeal for the On Time – Every Time national campaign.

Raising awareness that the timing of taking Parkinson’s medication is critical for well being. In hospitals 60 per cent are failing to meet the needs of Parkinson’s patients and we heard new stories of harrowing details of deterioration of people because these drugs have been issued as the drug-trolley round dictates!

It must be stressed the Pilgrim and Johnson hospitals have put a lot of changes in place and feedback is very positive.

Parkinson’s UK is aware of health and safety of drugs in hospital and can distribute special boxes to be loaned to patients who are aware and competent to self-administer their own medication and have the key. This is to save NHS budgets and staff time of busy nurses.

Our second request is for all hospital staff to receive 15 minutes’ training annually about the special needs of Parkinson’s sufferers, especially since Lincolnshire has above the average number of people who suffer and have to live with the affliction.

The Parkinson’s Spalding and District Branch are very grateful for the public support show at the market stall recently. Some people took sheets for signatures for friends and groups to sign. More are available through myself on 01775 710053 if you wish to help further. Thank you so much to the public for this support.

Christine Meggitt

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