LETTERS – Not worth the bother

Karen Kozminski (VMail, 28 Nov 19) says, “Let’s get Brexit done by voting for Sir John Hayes.” I understand why Karen feels this way. Indeed, after 3.5 years of total mismanagement of Brexit negotiations by the Conservative Party, who wouldn’t wish Brexit to end now? But is Brexit really still in the best interests of our country?

Back in 2016, Vote Leave said Brexit would be brilliant for everyone, and specifically promised: “the sunlit uplands of prosperity”; “the exact same terms”; “the easiest trade deal in human history”; “they need us more than we need them”; “we hold all the cards”; “£350 million a week” to spend on the NHS; “we can have our cake and eat it”; etc – all promises long since proven to be untrue or undeliverable.

Also, back in 2016, Vote Leave campaigners said we needed to “take back control” of our money, laws and borders. Yet we demonstrably still retain complete, sovereign control of our money, laws and borders, albeit we voluntarily choose to cooperate with the EU in certain respects as this is in the best interests of our country. For instance, we still retain total control over migrants coming from both inside and outside the EU. However, successive governments have chosen not to implement the measures we could be using to control migration that other countries across the EU implement on a routine basis.

Karen may also be thinking is that, if we leave the EU on 31 Jan 20, Brexit will be done and dusted. Nothing could be further from the truth. Brexit will not be over on 31 Jan 20 but merely starting. Leaving the EU will mean we cease to benefit from over 127 trade-related deals and over 750 other international agreements from which we currently benefit by virtue of EU membership, all of which will have to be re-negotiated.

The sad reality is that Brexit will start, not end, on 31 Jan 20, if Boris Johnson gets a majority on 12 Dec.

To anyone who still thinks, “We voted Leave, so we must Leave”, I say the best way forward is to hold a Confirmatory Referendum on the terms of Brexit now available. So, please vote for any party that supports a Confirmatory Referendum on Brexit (locally, this means Lib Dem, Labour or Green).

Also, let’s not forget it was Sir Winston Churchill who founded the European Movement in 1947, now the EU. Were he still alive, he’d be urging the UK to lead the development of the sovereign nations of Europe. This is our most important opportunity in history.

Alan Meekings

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