LETTERS – MP doing what he’s paid to do

Reading or rather wading through the latest gushing letter from Dean Eggleman once again in The Voice seemingly praising his hero Sir John Hayes for doing wonders while in fact all he is doing is what he is paid to do, being an MP.

What Mr Eggleman fails to bring himself to also mention is the fact that Sir John is also referred to as ‘Sir Four Jobs’ in many circles due to his liking for taking on other paid jobs as well as being our MP, so perhaps we should be very lucky he can find time to do anything for us anyway as we seem to have a time-share MP in all but name.

It perhaps points to the fact that by taking on these other jobs means that by being an MP leaves a lot of time to kill and this is another way of filling that spare, now paid time up.

In defence Mr Eggleman might say or suggest these ‘jobs’ are part-time or is it just a case of his name being required on a business letterhead as being a ‘prestige’ statement or a vanity thing for his employers like so many of these supposed positions are where ‘names’ are concerned when securitised, but would these same ‘jobs’ that have been offered to him if he was just plain John Hayes?

We usually see these sort of gushing backslapping type letters in the local press prior to an election but as the next one is some time off, so is this latest offering from Mr Eggleman to be seen as Sir John is about to take on yet another job to add to his portfolio of enhanced employment?

LA Evans
Long Sutton

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