LETTERS – Most eloquent of generation

The government introduced its Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill last week for debate.

I watched our MP, Sir John Hayes, speak during that debate and he got right to the core of why this is needed.

He is widely regarded as the most eloquent MP of his generation.

He was right that this is a long overdue return to sensible, common-sense sentencing which actually focuses on justice rather than a criminal-centric system which has no real regard for the real harm done to victims.

Proportionate sentencing is something the people of this country have wanted for a long time, continually ignored by those in power who are preoccupied with ‘high-minded’ rehabilitative ideals, far removed from practical justice generally understood as just-deserts.

The Bill isn’t perfect and could go further in targeting those criminals who have gotten away too lightly for too long – and it is why I am particularly glad to see Sir John leading the way, alongside his friend Ian Duncan Smith, on amendments to get to grips with the spike in pet theft which the pandemic has caused.

But it is reassuring to see a long-desired, popular reform of our too lenient criminal justice system, with our Sir John at the forefront.

Dean Eggleman
via email

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