LETTERS – Let’s praise our NHS services

Let’s praise our NHS services when we can.

Increasingly we seem to read in the media about all the things that people suggest are wrong with our NHS service, whether it’s the quality of service, shortage of nurses or car parking charges.

Maybe my experiences are different to others, but I would much prefer to hear about all the good things that our GPs, doctors and nurses do for us, day in day out.

I recently had cause to visit Peterborough City Hospital and can say that the service we received was outstanding. We were seen within five minutes of arrival and referred to the appropriate specialists who explained in some detail what was going to happen and why.

We were then referred on to other departments for blood tests, x-rays, ECGs, lifestyle discussions and throughout we were sensitively handed on to the receiving department who then took full ownership of their part in the overall care package.

Throughout, the many staff we met were polite, informative and prepared to spend time explaining what was happening.

Follow up appointments were made within days where the service received was equally positive.

But this isn’t just about my own recent experiences. I know first-hand from family members how well they were treated by our health service.

In particular I heard how well children have been taken care of and treated at Peterborough City Hospital and at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, before, during and after minor operations, so much so that one of the five-year-olds in question was heard to say how much they had enjoyed their stay!

So perhaps we should listen to what some of the youngsters have to say about our NHS!

And perhaps we should look to champion all the positive things the health service does for us in what can often be trying circumstances, or provide some constructive feedback, rather than just take the easy option of finding fault.

Steve Borrett

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