LETTERS – Last True Home – a poem

Farewell to Screaming Alice, you’ve been my only home.

Born upon your manor, not too far did I roam.

Thus I’d stayed for 60 years, always quite content

Nothing much to stir me, Crystal Palace: Heaven sent.

Spent my life believing, Great North Wood ruled supreme.

With all it had in easy reach, wouldn’t need another dream.

But many jewels I knew there, outstripped by Father Time.

Younger men came in and stole, the town that I called mine.

Seasons came; years crept by, I took a different view.

My glazier days exhausted, a new backdrop was due.

Everything that bound me, I emptied out and sold.

Headed to the tulip fields, where my kin had trod of old

Now entranced in Lincolnshire, it feels like my whole life.

Many leagues from southern realms, with all that grief and strife.

These fenlands taste like Eden, shall never more now roam.

The Yellowbellies treat me well, this is my last true home

Roderick (Roger) Fullilove aka Dodge Rodgers

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