LETTERS – How will roundabout works help?

I am writing in response to the recently released video by Lincolnshire Highways of the “improvements” to the roundabout on the A16/B1180 junction.
As a daily user of this roundabout, as well as the one near Springfields, I cannot understand why taxpayers’ hard earned money is being spent in this way!
How does adding a couple of extra lanes for them to merge within a few metres actually help anyone?
There will be so many collisions or near misses as motorists will NOT merge in turn. I feel anxious just thinking about it!
Surely if LCC had a pot of money awarded to them they would have been better off filling the masses of pot holes we have on our current roads.
You only have to see what they have done on the roundabout on the A16 South of Boston.
It does not improve traffic flow or help future proof our infrastructure.
This is so wrong.
It’s laughable how the information is slowly being drip fed to us in the hope that we do not notice what they intend to do!

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