LETTERS – Contempt for good manners

Readers will by now have drawn their own conclusions regarding the behaviour of the Prime Minister in the House of Commons last week.

For my part I felt that it was a disgraceful display of rabble rousing and a demonstration of contempt for good manners.

What also disturbs me is the response of several MPs who leapt to their feet to ask puerile sycophantic questions in support and praise of their master.

As a general election looms no doubt many local newspapers such as this will be receiving “unsolicited” letters lauding their Members of Parliament but voters would be well advised to look beyond the constituency activities and check the voting records which affect the whole population.

They may be surprised to see that the caring face shown in local areas belies the eager support given to policies which adversely affect and disenfranchise the underprivileged, the poor and the disadvantaged whilst lining the pockets of the least deserving.

I Sloan
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