LETTERS – Checking could save a fortune

Always disgusted with crippling and unfair hospital car park charges, if you are visiting regularly (i.e. daily etc.) you may not be aware you can purchase a weekly ticket.

For example, a recent visit to Queen Elizabeth King’s Lynn the pricing structure was as follows: up to two hours £2.60 and gave other quantities of hours up to 8-24 hours which was a staggering £15.60. A very real time if you are waiting for a loved one to be operated on and you wish to stay there until they are out of surgery.

If you are going to have to keep returning to see the patient, you can purchase a weekly ticket for £28.

Blue Badge holders pay £2 per day, which is much more reasonable.

However at QE King’s Lynn, there are very few Blue Badge places, more often taken up with selfish non Blue Badge holders (able bodied) whom I hope are sent a £100 parking fine in the post.

So if you are planning quite a few visits to any hospital, get on their website or ring the hospital directly to find out about the weekly car park ticket.

Could save you a small fortune.

Dorene Loos

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