LETTERS – Car parks losing money

Geoff Garner (Letters, October 31) must be one of the rare honest folk who buy a car park ticket.

Regular users know there is no enforcement, so don’t bother paying.

One man boasts he has parked all day, every day, for over a year in Herring Lane without paying a penny. At £1.30 for four hours, he has defrauded the council of over £600 every year.

Walk round Herring Lane any weekday and you will find about 60 cars parked all day without tickets. That’s over £36,000 not collected in just one car park. And these blocked spaces deter shoppers.

A friend with local government experience tells me the cost of employing a car park attendant exceeds the lost revenue, so I assume the increased charges will be used to now employ someone.

I tried to discuss this problem with the council in March this year but was ignored. I will approach them again with my suggested solution; I’m not sure where I go if I am ‘blanked’ again.

Jem Bowkett


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