LETTERS – Bring down salaries to fund licences

The Prime Minster has publicly announced being in favour of free TV licences for over 80s and that the possibility was being considered.

Conversely the BBC have stated that they could not afford this.

Another subject that we see frequently concerns women’s rights with equal opportunities for women, especially in the BBC with equal pay.

Now, having been in lockdown with more time to contemplate these subjects I find the situation is easy to resolve!

Bring down the top paying jobs in the BBC in line with the ‘Woman’s Rights & Equal Opportunities’ scale for a more equal workforce.

The BBC would have surplus to finance the free TV licences for the over 80s who make up less than five per cent of the UK population.

The existing top earners in the BBC would have to justify their positions with the reduced pay scale when their contracts are due for renewal.

Everyone is a winner!

What do other readers think?

Byron Hahn


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