LETTERS – Brexit is a bad idea

I admire Craig Jackson (VMail, July 4) for his dogged determination to promote Brexit, even though Brexit is a mess and nothing good can come from it.

However, Craig is wrong when he says “Let’s be crystal clear, we voted to leave the EU and take back control” of our laws, borders and economy.

The reality is the UK doesn’t need to “take back control” of our laws.

We still have total sovereign control of our laws, as do all the other 27 sovereign nations in the EU.

For instance, we have the right to veto any EU regulation with which we fundamentally disagree.

Moreover, the Strathclyde University database shows the UK secures our own interests and objectives better than all other 27 nations, other than Malta.

Moreover, we still have complete control of “our borders”. It’s just we don’t bother to implement the controls we could implement, because we’re now a country of ill-informed penny pinchers. For instance there are 16 discretionary regulations we could implement to control migration from the other 27 EU nations, none of which we’ve yet chosen to implement.

Also, we have complete control over “our economy”. For instance, Jeremy Corbyn is completely wrong when he says the UK could not take back into public ownership our rail industry, owing to EU state aid rules.

Can anyone think of an EU state that doesn’t currently own its own railways? Personally, I can’t.

Moreover, most of our domestic Train Operating Companies are now operated by state-owned companies based in other EU nations.

If someone from Mars were to come down to Earth, and take a look at our railway industry, they’d instantly head back home in double-quick time, having concluded we have no common sense.

Brexit is a bad idea and the sooner we get a vote on whether or not the latest form of Brexit is actually what we now want, the better.

Alan Meekings
via email

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