LETTERS – Appalled and embarrassed by behaviour

As a British citizen I am appalled and embarrassed by the childish and boorish demonstration recently carried out by some of the new MEPs at the European Parliament.

Perhaps I should not be too surprised however when one considers that they represent a party completely devoid of policies, financed from unknown and dubious sources, elected by promises and slogans bereft of meaning and led by someone whose natural habitat might be torchlit rallies.

One may now add to this insult to our European friends and neighbours the comments regarding slavery made by a person who had no highlights at all in a political career.

Future researchers into the political events of the last few years may well ponder as to how such a state of current affairs was ever reached.

Matters to be considered will be a referendum seeking a simple answer to a most complex question, the lies and manipulations involved in the electioneering, the possibly corrupt financing and the craven response of Members of

Parliament who thought more of their jobs than the good of the country.

I am sure that any such researchers will be totally bewildered as to why the proposed leadership of the country was to be invested into candidates of mind blowing incompetence whose rallying cry was that they would lead the country into a state of economic and international decline.

They may also consider why the public were not alarmed by the financing of these candidates as people putting up large sums of money would surely have expected something in return in the future.

Also to be considered will be the paucity of the arguments put forward at a local level for leaving the EU.

Taking advantage of the fact that most people have lives to lead and economic reasoning is not everyone’s forte the case for leaving always comes down to rather meaningless slogans such as “Taking back control” and “Controlling our borders”.

Far easier to spout and for people to understand than the detailed and cogent reasoning for remaining in Europe.

It is much easier to insult and denigrate nearly half of the population by sneeringly referring to them as “Remoaners” than it is to explain your past and current behaviour.

I remain,

I Sloan
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