LETTERS – Aircraft are here to protect us

As a pilot of over 35 years’ experience I respond to the letter ‘Thought going to hit bungalow’.

I understand many people’s aversion to aircraft noise, but please consider why these aircraft are here.

They are here to protect our liberty and must train in all aspects of military strategy and tactics to be prepared in the event.

The biggest threat at present to our liberty militarily comes from Russia. Ivan is constantly probing our defences and I do mean constantly, day or night. Ivan doesn’t work 9-5.

Over our ‘Bomber County’ we see Typhoons from Coningsby, F-35 Lightning 2 from Marham and USAF F-15 Eagle from various USAF bases here. They are there for a purpose, to train and train and train to protect us.

Our pilots and equipment is, I believe, the best there is, please allow them to train to protect us. The threat is changing constantly, we must be prepared.

Yes, military jets are noisy, yes, they fly down to 250ft agl (above ground level) regularly but rarely over conurbation and not usually at night. I know that a military aircraft on reheat can appear close, they aren’t. They are at around 2,000ft agl and above.

Inconvenient? Yes. Annoying? Probably. Going to hit your bungalow? Almost certainly NOT.

Please allow our marvellous girls and boys to train. Ivan is watching.

Robert Rowley
via email

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