LETTER: Where can we verify statement?

Concerning Alan Meekings’ letter on Thursday, February 6.

Regarding his statement that it’s a little known fact that life expectancy in general and disability-free life expectancy beyond the age of 65 years in particular, has declined in Lincolnshire since Conservative austerity was introduced in 2010, I was not aware of this fact and find it difficult to believe.

In the death announcements in the same paper there are 11 deaths reported. One death is that of an 18-year-old tragically killed in a motoring accident. The average age of the other ten deaths is 80.1 years. There are a number of 80-year-old and some 90-year-old people in my neighbourhood, most of these people are physically active.

Certainly all the 80-year-old neighbours are still driving. I was born in 1934 and retired in 2010 aged 76 and I am still very physically active.

It is the above facts that cause me to doubt Mr Meekings’ statement.

Would Mr Meekings please let us know if he will support his statement by telling us where we can visit an official site to verify his statement?

Charles Acland
via email

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