LETTER: We should be proud

I respond to the letter in The Voice (July 18) “South Holland is worst place to live”.

In that letter the question asked was “What is there to make people smile?” In response, I would point out that South Holland is a large area and covers many towns and villages, many of which have much to offer.

Moulton is just one example where, over July 13 and 14, the annual Garden Crawl and Scarecrow Weekend was held. A total of 13 gardens were open for people to visit, in addition to 24 scarecrow displays.

The purpose was to raise money for the running and maintenance of the village hall and community centre. What was important though was the community spirit that was displayed. The whole weekend relied on volunteers to organise the event, open their gardens, make scarecrows, bake cakes, serve refreshments and donate prizes for raffles, as well as donations from local businesses.

The money raised was important, but what was especially pleasing was the number of people coming to Moulton and appreciating what a lovely village we have and what a nice place it is to live.

The following is an extract from feedback received from a couple who visited from Bedfordshire: “We hope we can move here in the near future and being able to participate in your numerous events. Well done everyone, great community spirit and lovely atmosphere”.

We have other things to be proud of in the village, for example, the windmill and church which also rely on volunteers.

Other towns and villages within South Holland also have lots to offer, for example the lovely flower festivals held in many churches. Examples of this kind and the community spirit should make us proud to live in the area.

Jim Scarsbrook

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