LETTER: We have become non-people

Now the elections are over it seems local government will go on as before.

Those who have will have more while the have-nots will have even less.

Fleet Hargate Oldies are losing their bus stop; the shelter has already gone.

Holbeach will continue to be a pain for pedestrians and bus users because “what was good enough for my grandfather is good enough to you”.

Shops will continue to open and close at odd times and blame Tesco for low footfall (including early closing day – when does Tesco have early closing?)

Oldies without cars will continue to trek the length of the high street and back for the medical centre, clinic, WI hall, Boyes and Tesco – although they are better off staying on the bus and going to Sainsbury’s for their shopping while councillors continue to drive everywhere at 50p a mile.

Where is respect for those who survived World War Two and built up the country afterwards?

We have become non-people, just nuisances to be dismissed without a hearing, irritants to be ignored and neglected in nursing homes and hospitals.

If we have dementia – tough.

Councillors will delight in becoming “dementia friends” but leave everything just as it is.

Carers will have to struggle regardless. If they collapse under the strain, too bad.

We shall soon be gone and no longer around to annoy the powers-that-be.

Joan Woolard
Fleet Hargate

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