LETTER: Vote leave for a better choice of jobs

You should vote leave on June 23.

Why? We had a choice of jobs before we joined the EU, pay was much better then than now. The only people this benefits is those in business, legal or illegal, with many folk on minimum or less than minimum wage.

Most jobs are now only part-time. It may, on paper, show that many more people are in work, but with 16 hours or less wages are very, very poor and many are struggling to get by.

Many of those part-time jobs also include working unsociable hours with no shift allowance due to them being part time. Zero contract hours are even worse for those trying to lead an honest clean life.

Greedy businessmen, and there are a lot of them, are taking advantage of this situation because they can. The bigger they get, the greedier they get and start making unreasonable demands on their workforce.

Vote leave – this will give us control of our borders and we will be able to control how many can come over to work in our country.

All this bull by farmers and those related to this industry and others saying they need the Europeans to harvest their goods is rubbish. All they want are people they can manipulate, control and pay as little as possible to get the work done. There are more than enough people in the UK to harvest these goods without the need for help from outside the UK, and if they are required as they say, then visas should be given for the few weeks they are required then returned to their own countries after the work is done.

Factories that employ them should be made to pay the costs to help look for and deport those who abscond after all they employ them, they are responsible for them.

Have you ever seen a poor farmer or factory owner? No, they live in very large houses with big 4x4s and usually more than one of them. Many have their own snooker and games rooms. They don’t seem to be living in the same world as me, as I would consider them as wealthy, very wealthy.

Vote leave – full time work will return, pay will go up as they will need to attract workers to their companies.

After all the only reason anyone goes to work is not for the love of the company but for money.

It’s a sad fact in the world we live in we cannot live without it.

Neil Bingham

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