LETTER: Town is an absolute disgrace

I am writing to you regarding your article in the Voice on January 30 “What should be done to make Spalding great again?”

Firstly Spalding need a damn good clean up. The town is an absolute disgrace!

The rubbish in our streets and surrounding areas are monstrous. Litter, food, mattresses, electrical goods, sheer junk, everywhere in town. We are all sick of it!

Now in addition we have rats due to rubbish not being collected by South Holland District Council. 24 bags of rubbish outside the old Post Office building. Why are these bags still there? They have been there weeks.

Spalding used to be a super little market town but now it is verging on a slum town. I wonder why? Get this tidied up SHDC. We all pay enough Council Tax.

Julia Fairman

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