LETTER: To leave the EU is economic madness

Seeing the empty supermarket shelves the other day, I thought the no deal Brexit had come early.

It is little wonder we feel the same foreboding that thoughtful people in Germany had in the 1930s.

We despair at self-seeking politicians and a deluded public swept along by a charismatic leader who is driven by a fantasy of national superiority and who promises the earth.

They may not be wearing brown shirts, but one fears there is an army of intimidating right-wing extremists waiting in the wings to damage our liberal and civilised society.

To leave the EU is economic madness. It will undermine our ability to pay for those urgent needs of the health service, the police and schools etc.

Already, our pound is becoming weaker, industry is holding back on investment decision, sheep farmers are worried sick, the CBI and the OBR economic forecasts all point to trouble ahead and there’s still no answer to the problem of the trade across the Irish border.

In our increasingly threatening and unstable world, we need to be firmly in the European bloc.

“Great Britain First” is a dangerous mantra.

We need to be partners with our neighbours across the channel.

David Hill

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