LETTER: Saddened by Spalding’s decline

This morning a friend posted on her social media page that she is liking her home town of Spalding less and less.

She was in the town centre and a man was walking with his dog, not on a lead, and it approached my friend who asked the owner “Should the dog not be on a lead?”.

He swore at her and continued to give her verbal abuse.

She then went to a pharmacy to collect a prescription which had been mislaid.

Okay, mistakes happen, but while the pharmacy tried to sort the problem eight methadone users collected their medication.

While she paid £17.20 for her prescriptions the methadone users walked away with their free fix.

Finally, on her walk home she had to dodge numerous cyclists on the path.

Her comment opened the floodgates with lots of friends commenting on how they feel that the town is deteriorating.

Overgrown weeds and rubbish everywhere and men urinating in the street on a regular basis.

I accept that Spalding is not the worst place to live. But I still can’t help feel saddened by the decline of the town.

We can all make a difference if we respect each other and the place we call home.

M. Moriarty
address supplied

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