LETTER: New plan will cause more confusion

Here we go again, Lincolnshire Highways, Richard Davies pleading there’s no money available to make proper, safer improvements to the A16/B1166 (Radar Station) Junction. While they are prepared to spend millions on a new local road.

The Lincolnshire Highways Department employees are paid very good money to solve these problems, if they are unable to come up with the answers, speak or listen to the local road users.

This new plan is just another cheap option, stopping traffic crossing over from both ways, Hulls Drove to James Road and vice versa, traffic going south on the A16 will not be able to turn into James Road, with water barriers. This will just cause even more motorist, traffic confusion.

Before we go into this latest ludicrous idea, as suggested before, try staggered flashing warning beacons from both ways warning drivers of a dangerous junction ahead.

Another bodge repair job starts next week on the B1166 road, which will cause even more mayhem and possibly lead to accidents to road users sending them on local divisions on narrow country roads.

Don’t they realise this road requires enforcing from both sides to stop it from subsiding again into the dykes as there’s nothing to stop it, only very narrow road verges!

When you travel out of this forgotten country, what do you find? Improved roads!

It concerns me why are we paying this incompetent Lincolnshire Highways Department for their poor workmanship?

David Barfoot
Shepeau Stow

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