LETTER: MPs should hang heads in shame

In last week’s issue I was taken to task over an earlier letter of mine wherein I asked for justification for the continuing use of food banks.

One correspondent in particular completely missed the point of part of my letter, not by whom or when or where were food banks created but what is the current administration doing to eradicate them. As usual, such questions, if answered at all, are dealt with by half-truths and obfuscation, not just locally but even more so in Parliament.

Ms Smith in the same issue writes that food banks, like Universal Credit are not going to go away and I, with reluctance, agree with her.

These are matters which should make every Conservative MP hang their heads in shame, although that too is highly unlikely as it appears that any MP with a social conscience has been culled.

I believe that the current Government has no real interest in the welfare of the less fortunate and for proof of that one needs only to look at the voting record of some MPs, including local ones.

I Sloan
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