LETTER: Just ask local opinion

Is it me? After watching Look North in the past week which included an interview with Coun Richard Davies at the Lincoln Bypass, he stated the general public should have less input in planning projects in future and fewer opportunities for opposition to these going forward.

I now read in an article in The Voice (February 6) that Lincolnshire County Council is to have an inquiry (not including the public) called ‘Lessons Learned’ into the handing of the Spalding Western Relief Road due to the fact that they have made mistakes in the planning and handling of the process.

Maybe if they were to just ask the local people their opinion before putting pen to paper it would have saved a lot of pain, worry and money for all concerned.

After all, the residents are still awaiting the twice promised consultation re: the northern section of this road which has never materialised due to the start of construction in a matter of weeks.

Coun Richard Davies in the position he holds should be less self-opinionated and represent the residents’ interests.

So the Lincolnshire County Council planning department should make their priority investigating Coun Richard Davies for all the past short coming with appalling disdain towards the residents of this community in Spalding.

Kevin Davis
Miles Bank

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