LETTER: I see no improvement in state of streets

It must be over 15 years since I started trying to make SHDC aware of the dire state of the some of the Streets of Spalding!

Press releases, photos, information – but I still see no improvement in the rubbish that encompasses Spalding.

Still black sacks; green sacks; sacks with uncollected garden waste; fridges waiting on the pavements, not collected for weeks on end; so-called SHDC collection points filled with waste – not on the day of collection, but throughout the week!

Trees growing out of the kerbside at numerous locations – not trimmed back by the grass cutting teams – left for another department to tidy up (probably Lincs County Council?). I am not happy at trying to avoid these trees (mostly elder and hawthorn – both prolific growers) to avoid damage and scratching to my vehicle.

Took a walk along Green Lane, Spalding today – what a disgrace – back passage between 17 Green Lane and Havelock Street a total disgusting mess – still it’s private property, isn’t it?

No security for the huge area under the railway footbridge – ideal for a party in the park – alcohol, drugs and so on.

Rubbish bin at same railway footbridge has been provided with a new black bag for rubbish – but do the employees of SHDC not have to clear up the surrounding rubbish when the bin-bag is changed?

Just opposite is another mess of bags and detritus.

I could cite so many other streets where rubbish is blighting the town: Double Street, Albion Street, Commercial Road, High Street, Little London, St Thomas Road, Magellan Way, to name a few.

Where are the street wardens who are supposed to be knocking on doors to advise residents of their misdemeanours?

Not seen anyone around Green Lane helping to tidy up and doing litter picks.

As it is now some few months since I carried out a litter pick in Green Lane, Spalding, I suppose I will have to grin and bear it (at 73 years of age) – just get on with the job.

We live in a throw-away society – HOW TRUE!

How good it would be, if SHDC were proactive to these issue and not belatedly (if at all) reactive.

Not holding by breath for any positive action by SHDC, but here’s trying!

Paul Matten
Green Lane

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