LETTER: I am European

This coming Friday, along with millions of other British people, I will be stripped of my EU citizenship against my will, despite having done nothing wrong.

This situation has come about as a result of breaches of electoral law and data protection laws by the Leave Campaign together with their unprecedented industrial scale deceit and dishonesty.

Nothing demonstrates this dishonesty more than the contradictions in the Leave campaign’s own narrative regarding Friday. They claim we need to leave the EU to regain our independence as the EU is an undemocratic dictatorship.

If we were not already a fully independent country we would not be able to leave.

If the EU really is an undemocratic dictatorship, as leavers claim, we would not be allowed to leave.

For the future of our country and our democracy, this fraud cannot be allowed to stand.

The campaign to Rejoin the EU is already underway and will prevail. Right will always eventually prevail over wrong.

I am European.

Matt Waine
via email

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