LETTER: How will I be better off outside EU?

Alan Meeking’s excellent letter in last week’s issue demonstrates, yet again, the complete futility and stupidity of this country leaving the EU, with or without a deal.

Expert international and national advice is that we cannot get a better deal than the one we have now. Yet the Tory right wing ideologues which currently infest our Government insist that their tenuous dreams, schemes and meaningless promises cannot be carried out whilst we are still members of the EU.

This has been demonstrated by the recent theatrical oratory to which we have been subjected which contains little substance as to how and why save for suggestions that as a nation we are held back by EU regulations. Of course the grandiose plans of the new government could be implemented without the necessity of leaving the EU for no one has yet shown how the quality of life in this country has been seriously adversely affected by EU laws and I include the alleged problems of immigration.

The alleged EU restrictions are one of the main complaints of the Tory free traders and their financial puppet masters and are no doubt the target of the oft repeated mantra-“Take back control”. The real restrictions which these people want removed are the those which relate to worker’s right and those controls which cover the health and safety aspects of everyone’s life and work. Abolish, for example, all employment rights and you have a free traders paradise, workers who will accept anything just to get a job, abolish planning regulations and what little social housing there is will vanish, abolish environmental controls and rogue farmers will use currently banned poisons and industrialists will pollute the land and rivers. Add to this the possibility of a trade deal with the United States and you can say goodbye to the NHS as we know it. I will not even both to mention GM food.

All these things can happen because huge sums of money can be made by a very small minority of the population. It will not only be survival of the fittest but also the continued survival of the wealthiest.

We have an ineffectual opposition and are probably going to be reliant upon a small group of MPs who will, hopefully, attempt to correct the insanity created by “The voice of the people” referendum which has been grossly manipulated by Leave campaigners.

As I approach my 80th year I would be delighted to hear from anyone who can tell me, in specific detail and not generalities, how I am going to be better off outside the EU, and more importantly, how will my grandchildren fare.

Perhaps, Madam Editor, you might invite our local Parliamentary representatives to address these questions in your columns.

I Sloan
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