LETTER: Holbeach volunteer buffet cancelled

Couns Tracey Carter, Francis Biggadyke and Nick Worth have made a decision in regards to the “Volunteer Thank you Buffet” we hold each year.

Our plan was to hold it at the end of April. Hall booked, catering reserved, but we have held off sending the invites out and just watching what was happening in regards to coronavirus over the last few days.

As ever, we like the opportunity to say thank you to as many volunteers in Holbeach as we possibly can, to show how much they are appreciated, and we feel that by the end of April that this virus, and the restrictions due to it could possibly be much stricter and would therefore mean a number of people would not be able to attend, and others may be nervous of attending for their own health’s sake understandably.

Therefore we have decided to postpone the event and hopefully be able to hold it later in the year when things have settled down.
In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every volunteer in Holbeach. At times like this the community spirit needs to be stronger than ever. I have seen some lovely posts from people who are already checking on their neighbours to make sure they are ok and it’s positive to see the fabulous spirit that Holbeach always shows.

Please take care, isolate if necessary, and don’t stock pile the shopping as it’s leaving others without essentials they need. If we can assist anyone please do let us know.

Couns Carter, Biggadyke and Worth.

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