LETTER: Helped to increase majority

I feel I should write at this moment in time to congratulate Messrs Meekings and MacDonald for their campaign over the last three years in the local press.

Their dogged repeating of their ideology every other week in the local press (and mostly once in between) enabled John Hayes to increase his majority by over 6,000 votes!

This is with being us “imbeciles” would be worse off supported by David Cameron’s propaganda.

To stay in the EU to be ruled by another fanatical duo and “M and M” pair – Merkel and Macron – would be a betrayal of our democracy and all those “boys come heroes” who died to maintain it.

Yes, we could be worse off coming out – but we knew that – because you have been telling that all along.

I personally not being an educated man like you keep looking over my shoulder at what’s happening out in Hong Kong.

John Disdel
Gedney Marsh

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