LETTER: Don’t hold your breath

I doubt that we should hold out too much hope of the results from the Town Forum for Spalding.

This comes from the same council which has allowed the town to slip backwards and let historic buildings go to rack and ruin in front of their own offices.

The forum is headed by the Castle Ward councillor who oversees the town centre.

I have asked a number of independent town traders who say they have never even met him.

Surely, you would visit shops early in your tenure and say ‘what can I do to help?’, ‘what can I do to help you grow and the town?’, alas no…..not much of an ask in 12 years in post.

Springfields is about to increase in size.

Whatever happened to the £250k that was earmarked for a free bus service from the town to Springfields and back?

Perhaps someone could give a full account of where the money went?

Don’t hold your breath…..

James Le Sage
Spring Gardens

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