LETTER: Crossings problems ruining lives

Yet again the Wygate railway crossing was down on Friday, May 22 at 5.30pm bringing Spalding to a standstill.

It has just taken me over 40 minutes to get home from Enterprise Way – a journey that normally takes three minutes.

This is now getting past a joke and may start to put lives in danger since pedestrians are going to start to jump the gates when they are down for over two hours.

All very frustrating given the amount of money that has been spent.

I have been late for two appointments this week due to the malfunction of this crossing.

I hope you can log the complaint again so something can be done.

This will ruin Spalding and the lives of those who live here if it continues.

I have never written to the paper before but feel strongly that something needs to be done before people start to get killed.

All I can say to Network Rail is: “What a waste of money” and a sarcastic “thank you” for ruining our town!

Andrea Cooke
via email

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