LETTER: Campaign was funded personally

Ref – “Budget was spent on magazine” – The Voice May 7:

Dear Mr Turp – just a couple of things to put you straight…

Liz Sneath, Sally Slade and I conducted a positive campaign in order to maintain our position as district councillors representing Pinchbeck and Surfleet.

Part of this campaign involved the production and delivery of literature in the form of leaflets, cards, postal vote letters and hoardings.

We funded the cost of this personally, without any financial support from the Conservative party.

The same is true of every single local Conservative candidate.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for your tireless and determined promotion of the Pinchbeck Chimes, and hope this publication now goes on to achieve even greater success as a community magazine. Very well done!

James Avery
District Councillor for Pinchbeck and Surfleet

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