LETTER: Bid to become 51st state

Yet again we have the stock Conservative answer to everything.

If only we could bring back flogging and hanging we could have royal parades and spectacles every month, life could be even better than that promised by our duplicitous fantasising Prime Minister and his vision of life outside the EU.

Harsh uncaring political policies have caused upheaval and strife in society but they can be glossed over by a passing reference which makes no mention of causes and solutions and protesters can be referred to as “the snowflake elite”.

With the possibility of an election now looming large we can look forward to more gutter headlines.

We will be force-fed drivel such as “the voice of the people” and “taking back control” and the demonization of every opposition MP. Bets should be taken on the hearing of the first reference to “we won the war”.

Thank goodness there are still a few MPs on the Government side who can rise above the rabble rousing of the rest and do their job properly by putting the best interests of the country first.

Recent news reports suggest that the Government’s commitment to European rights and standards is as shallow as one would expect.

After all, adherence to anything from Europe would make things difficult for the fanatics of the right in their bid to become the 51st state.

I Sloan
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