Mark Douglass has waged war on fly-tippers.

‘Let’s join forces to beat the fly-tippers’

A new community action group is aiming to tackle the blight of fly-tipping around Spalding.

Launched on Facebook, Fly-tipping Watch Spalding and Locality has already attracted huge interest and will send all reports to South Holland District Council.

It has been started off the back of the success of a similar site for the Boston area.

Founder Mark Douglass said he started the Boston group when he was incensed at a dumped trampoline on the side of the road.

“I was angry that we were only a couple of miles away from my local household waste facility and worst of all they would have taken this item,” he said.

“The truth is we are not taking responsibility for our actions and environment. I’m not saying that all are irresponsible, far from it, just that maybe we all need to be better educated in the services provided and how we can dispose of waste responsibly,” he added.

But Mark does not want to create an army of keyboard warriors – the Boston group is about to embark on its second community litter-clean and a number of people have been fined as a result of action taken by the local authority.

“I hope the groups grow and grow to the point where, if you’re thinking about dumping rubbish, you might just think twice. An army of volunteers watching our streets and lanes will increase the chances of being caught and fined,” he said.

“You only have to drive along the A16 from Boston to Spalding to see what I mean.

“I think we have become litter-blind and don’t really see what is there,” said Mark, who served as a Military Policeman for 15 years.

He started the Boston group towards the end of 2018 and as he travels to Spalding regularly, decided to create one for this area.

He said he wants to target areas around the town with volunteers and have regular clean-up events.

“We need volunteers to come together to make the change. It would be great to have some sponsors as well.

“We are developing an app to help report instances of fly tipping. I have a vision of expanding this further and creating software to help.

“It needs a change of attitude, like we had towards drink-driving, so it is not acceptable and people call it in. There area range of problems from illegal or immoral waste removal operators to households who forgot to put the bin out,” said Mark.

The Flytipping Watch Spalding and Area Page is on Facebook and members are encouraged to join. Mark can also be contacted via email:

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