Spalding Ladies’ 2nd who beat Pelicans 2nd 11-1.

Ladies’ 2nd team kick off in style

Spalding Ladies’ 2nd 11
Pelicans 2nd 1
Goals: Charlotte Maplethorpe, Karen Timby, Kelly Cooper, Milly Hastings, Sophie Wilson.

In an great display of skill and teamwork, Spalding Ladies 2nd hosted Pelicans 2nd. The final scoreline of 11-1 reflected the team’s dominance throughout.
The midfield was controlled brilliantly, distributing the ball with precision, and maintaining constant pressure.
The scoring spree began three minutes into the match when Charlotte Maplethorpe capitalised on a perfect pass from Sophie Wilson.
At the 12-minute mark, Milly Hastings extended the lead with a clinical finish.
The goals continued to pour in as Wilson slotted one between the goalie’s feet, and Hastings found the net again, putting Spalding 4-0 up at half time.
The second half saw no let-up in Spalding’s offensive prowess. Karen Timby unleashed a straight strike to increase the lead, followed closely by Kelly Cooper.
Maplethorpe continued her goal-scoring spree with another fantastic finish.
Although Pelicans managed a goal, making the score 7-1, Spalding responded emphatically.
In two consecutive penalty corners, Timby and Cooper displayed their precision, making the scoreline 9-1.
To put the finishing touches on the game, Maplethorpe scored another two goals, completing her hat-trick and sealing a 11-1 victory.

Spalding Mens’ 1st 3
Norwich City 2nd 2
Goals: Harry Walsh, Stuart Cunnington

In an intense showdown, Spalding emerged victorious with a thrilling 3-2 win against Norwich City.
Norwich took an early lead and the game continued to be intense. Spalding equalised, Cunnington precisely slotting the ball home leaving the game 1-1 to end the first half.
In the second half, Norwich made a break on a counter attack to allow one of their players to flick the ball into the top right corner, giving them the lead. However, Spalding won a foot in the edge of the D, allowing Cunnington to react, flicking the ball into the back of the net.
Spalding kept fighting against multiple counter attacks to win themselves another corner. The perfect pass found Walsh at the back post to put Spalding at 3-2.
The game took an unfortunate turn for Spalding as Norwich won a penalty flick but Oscar Haunch saved it securing Spalding’s lead and the win.

Spalding Ladies’ 1st 1
City of Peterborough 3rd 2
Goals: Jess Ball

The game started strong with Spalding having a lot of possession and opportunities on goal.
Peterborough’s quick attack worked well as they won a short corner which was deflected past the keeper to make it 1-0.
Spalding were determined to get a goal with great play down the wings but the first half ended 1-0.
Starting the second half Peterborough again attacked Spalding defence hard and managed to score again.
After some great play between the defence and midfield, the ball went to Jess Ball who hammered home.
The final ten minutes saw both teams fighting hard to score another but both were unsuccessful.

Spalding Mens’ 2s – 0
Cambridge City 6s – 3

Spalding started the game strong, maintaining possession of the ball with some great play through the middle thanks to Matt Pottle and Matt Sanders.
However, midway into the quarter Cambs were able to take the lead with a reverse stick shot which found the net.
Spalding continued to battle hard and applied great pressure on the opposition until half time.
As the second half began, Spalding continued to hold the majority of the ball, but Cambridge won a short corner which they managed to convert.
After the goal, Spalding took their eye off the ball and started to sit back which allowed Cambridge to play through leading to a third goal.

Spalding Ladies’ 3rd 1
City of Peterborough 4th 2

The Spalding side, who were debuting three new youngsters, made a positive start when some brilliant passing led to a tap in after only a few minutes.
The team continued working hard with midfielders Vicky Worrall, Jennie Bradley and Sam Foston, closing play down quickly as well as sending the ball straight through to the attackers or out wide to Eloise Doughty and Camille Rogers.
The defence, with the help of Honor Pearson and new goalkeeper Eliza Morris, successfully prevented any attempt on goal for the whole first half.
After half time, the heat and lack of substitutes began to test Spalding, who had been playing some great hockey.
Although they were digging deep and striking short corners, they just could not increase the lead.
With ten minutes to go, Peterborough scored and put Spalding under pressure including a green card for the side.
Another quick goal from Peterborough ended the game in a defeat.

Spalding Mens’ 3rd 1
Wisbech Town 3s 4
Goals: Graeme Matthews

The game started evenly with both teams sharing the possession.
Spalding gave away a couple of short corners early on and Wisbech weren’t able to capitalise, however on the 20th minute Spalding gave away another and Wisbech capitalised.
Shortly after Spalding were caught out at the back and gave away another short which Wisbech once again scored.
Spalding reacted well and played some good hockey which lead to them getting a short of their own and Matthews slotted the ball home just before half-time leaving Spalding 2-1 down.
Spalding started the second half well creating some good chances.
Wisbech caught Spalding out on the counter and managed to get a third.
After a few tired legs Spalding gave away their last short of the game which Wisbech once again managed to find the back of the net from.

Spalding Mens’ 4th 0
City of Peterborough 7th 1

The visitors snatched a late winner in an open game that could easily have seen more goals at both ends of the pitch.
Rob Callaby made excellent double saves to keep the score level and at the other end the visitors were twice saved by the posts.
With nine newcomers to league hockey playing this was a really positive first performance for the team.

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