Kindness group proves once again it is the fruit of the spirit

Random donations of fruit to homes are among the highlights as the Spalding COVID Kindness Team has continued to raise smiles across South Holland.

The group has continued to provide care packages to some of the area’s most vulnerable and those who are self-isolating thanks to the generous donations of a number of local businesses.

And there were some extra treats as well for Easter including a host of fruit delivered to wherever possible.

They were donated by the likes of the Co-Op, Greenyard Fresh, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Welland Print, Sign Design, Abbey Print, Chris Eley, L&D Flowers, Kev Wand, Corinne Neale, Worldwide Fruit, Suzie Bentley, W. Hargrave & Son, DP Packaging, Pinchbeck Parish Council, Holland & Barrett, Robert and Pat Lewis, Nikki McLean, Ayscoughfee Cafe, Small Dean Trading, Smart Cabs, A Country Kitchen and many private donations.

A donation from Holland and Barratt’s Spalding branch also led to some Easter treats being dished out.

The donations have also been made safer for all thanks to Corinne Neale and Suzie Bentley making masks for all volunteers to wear when they’re out delivering goods.

The group was set up by Keira Williamson.

She said: “The reception from the local community has been absolutely phenomenal and we’re really, really grateful that everybody is supporting our cause.

“A massive thank you to each and every volunteer devoting their time to those that are perhaps more vulnerable during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It’s been incredibly heart-warming to see how many have been putting their time and effort into building a sense of community connection within our towns and surrounding areas.”

She continued: “I think I speak for everyone when I say we’ve been blown away with the spirit and the kindness that this community does have even if we perhaps feel that we’ve forgotten it before.”

Jan Whitbourn helped out with group and told The Voice about her experiences with it.

She said: “Many volunteers have come forward, strangers have formed the deepest of friendships and no doubt this will continue with the help of so many wonderful people out there.

“The work is now expanding to other towns and villages that surround Spalding with the help of over 100 active volunteers who are dedicating their time and energy to the kindness cause, hopefully one that will be forever remembered and looked back on fondly when this crisis has blown over.

“Every member of the team is incredible, all run from ‘The Hub’ in Pinchbeck, all working tirelessly to provide bulk deliveries of fresh fruit to local care homes, schools looking after the children of key workers, local pharmacies, GP practices and our invaluable emergency services.

“Many have been given different jobs to do, overseeing delivery of over 100 care packages of essential items to the most vulnerable and now having a food bank in place for residents in Spalding, Pinchbeck and Gosberton.

“There’s also a bunch of volunteers providing emotional support to those that may be experiencing the pang of loneliness and isolation.”

Keira is managing the individual support requests that come to the team for essential items, shopping or prescription deliveries to those who can’t make it out of the house, something she has always been passionate about.

Jan added: “This couldn’t have all happened without the generosity from local businesses and you our local community for your generous donations of food for the food bank.

“Keira and all the volunteers have dealt with over 100 care packages and over 50 bulk deliveries all in one week.

“Many come alive and are thriving by helping human beings at this very sad time.”

Keira said: “I can’t thank everyone enough for getting involved and being part of this amazing team who are working towards keeping the community provided with what they need.

“I wanted to make sure the vulnerable and elderly are looked after at this time, keep calm and kindness going on.”

For more on the Spalding COVID Kindness Team search you can search for the group on Facebook and like the page for updates.

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