Representatives from Class Five at Bicker Prep with the donated food

Kind donations for school’s harvest festival help food bank and Spalding lady’s work in Uganda

A school has used its annual harvest festival to aid a Spalding lady helping families in Uganda and providing goods for local food banks.

Bicker Preparatory School and Early Years weren’t able to attend church like they normally do every autumn.

Emily Braybrook in Uganda

Instead for their Harvest Festival they were encouraged to bring in food to donate to food banks and also raised money over £200 for Emily Braybrook who has for the last five years worked supporting families by providing basic necessities for them and their children.

Emily’s mother Mrs Rachel Wilson teaches Year Five and Six at Bicker and she spoke about her daughter’s work and showed them a video explaining the work she does.

Headteacher Mrs Julie Miles said: “The children have been really inspired to help others. They understand that even though times are difficult for us all, there are many for whom life is really tough”.

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