‘Just dual it’ say A47 campaigners

Pinchbeck logistics company Freshlinc has joined the calls to make the A47 a dual carriageway which it says will boost the area’s economy.

South Holland District Council is among the partners of The A47 Alliance that has launched the Just Dual It campaign.

It’s calling for the 115-mile length between Peterborough and Lowestoft to be made a dual carriageway by 2030.

As the A47 is a trunk road, its maintenance and any improvements are the responsibility of Highways England.

Lee Juniper, the managing director for Fresh Linc, says it would be a big boost to the 327 vehicles on the road at all hours, his company and the local economy.

“This country is built on stuff being delivered but we quite often take it for granted,” he said. “On the A47 you barely get above 35mph.

“For us, dualling the road would reduce operating costs, make us more efficient and lessen the frustration of road congestion caused by traffic.

“Our company is based around perishable goods.

“We need to make our country more efficient.

“It feels like taxation is going up so we need to be spending money on infrastructure to get our roads in order.

“The condition of the A47 is shocking and we’ve had a lot of damage to vehicles from potholes.”

Lee also feels that the A16 and A17 should be made dual carriageways.

He continued: “I think it’s been said about 37 to 40 per cent of the country’s food comes from Spalding and the surrounding area and all the roads around here are single carriageways – it’s pathetic.

“The A16 and A17 need sorting out as well.”

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