WINNER: Wayne Alder with Tydd skipper Ian Cooper.

It’s Wayne’s world as Alder claims Autumn title at Tydd St Giles Golf Club

Wayne Alder claimed the Autumn Open crown at Tydd St Giles Golf Club with an impressive score of 78-12=66.

Results: Autumn Open 2021 – 1st Wayne Alder 78-12=66; 2nd David Woodcock 95-28=67; 3rd Andy Hicks 80-12=68 (ocb); 4th Mark Boughen 96-28=68. Division One – 1st Phil Tilney 82-14=68; 2nd Harry Turner 76-7=69 (ocb); 3rd Simon Smith 81-12=69; 4th Dave Salmon 83-12=71. Division Two – 1st Bradley Martin 84-15=69; 2nd Mark Freear 90-20=70 (ocb); 3rd Bally Sigurdsson 97-27=70; 4th Robert Simpson 87-16=71. Nearest the pin (hole 4) – John Tyler; (hole 8) – Shane Eley; (hole 11) – Andy Hicks; (hole 16) – James Hale-Smith; (hole 18 in two) – Kevin Goude.Longest drive (13th) – James Dack.

Seniors’ Captain’s Day: Division One – 1st Paul Chaplain-Barton 38pts; 2nd Chris Moore 36pts; 3rd Michael Flint 35pts (ocb). Division Two – 1st Malcolm Pack 40pts; 2nd Stephen Fox 39pts; 3rd Peter Williams 37pts (ocb). Division Three – 1st Kevin Merrison 42pts; 2nd David Leedle 39pts (ocb); 3rd John Roberts 39pts. Division Four – 1st Barrie Mutimer 39pts (ocb); 2nd Salvatore Di Bella 39pts; 3rd Glenn Wright 38pts.

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